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Twang Thang Country is a very Indie minded independent as a southern breeze and as country as a cow flap !  We are dedicated supporters of true country music and the tremendous artists who share that vision. 
Our goal is to promote those artists who believe in the great traditions of real country music. Artists who can convey songs as they were intended.....songs with heart, with a story anyone can relate to. Basically, we want artists and music that project.........."Country Music As It Was Meant To Be"

If you are ready to further your career it's time to contact Twang Thang Country. We are a full service artist development organization geared to the mission of "maintaining the traditions".
Twang Thang Country – Nashville proudly provides recording services for your next project with A-list musicians, recording time in one of Nashville's most acclaimed studios and the services of a highly sought after producer. Don't you owe yourself a project you can be truly proud of ?

Additionally, we offer radio submissions to over 4000 stations, social media promotions, HD videos,  Youtube & Vimeo montages of your music, direct email marketing and much, much more to help you enhance your career.

         Twang Thang Country – Nashville

Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch & Billy Yates

Richard Lynch

Buddy Jewell & Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch

Artie Rodriguez

Richard Lynch

Ken Mellons

Richard Lynch

Artie Rodriguez

Clinton Gregory/Artie Rodriguez

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"Country As It Was Meant To Be"


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Opening music credits......."Last Of A Dying Breed" - The Richard Lynch Band