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Twang Thang Country is a very Indie minded independent as a southern breeze and as country as a cow flap !  We are dedicated supporters of true country music and the tremendous artists who share that vision. 
Our goal is to promote those artists who believe in traditional country music. Artists who can convey songs as they were intended.....songs with heart, with a story anyone can relate to. Basically, we want artists and music that project.........."Country Music As It Was Meant To Be"
                              ***TRADITIONAL COUNTRY ARTISTS***

If you are an Indie COUNTRY artist looking to further your fan base and gain exposure for your music, maybe we can help ! 
Twang Thang Country – Nashville offers booking services, radio promotions, social media promotions, videos, montages of your music, direct email marketing and much, much more to help you further your career.

                               ***** OUR EFFORTS HAVE*****

Resulted in 15 number 1 hits on the Indie Charts and numerous other songs landing in the top 10 at IndieWorld, Roots Radio Report, The Independent Music Network, New Music Weekly Main Country Chart, and New Music Top 30 Indie Chart, CMG Radio Global Network and many others........

** 3 Artist of The Year Nominations
** Multiple "Songs of The Week"
** 3 bands nominated as group of the year by Indie Charts
** 2 bands nominated for single of the year by Indie Charts
** Multiple radio interviews for our artists
** RFD TV apperances
** Our artists have been featured "artist of the month" on numerous radio stations.          
** Created worldwide exposure of our artists and their music
** Exposed our artists to over 7000 radio stations along with thousands of internet streams.          
** Driven artist social media sites to reach 5000 capacity of fans
** 100’s of gigs being book
** Designed and created high quality CD artwork for several new albums
** Organized studio time with some of the best session players in Nashville to assure you a quality project.
** Multiple artist web site design and consrtuction

At Twang Thang it is all about artist exposure…you do well, we do well !!! 

We fully understand that financing your career is always an issue, but we also know that promotion is critical.

With those factors in mind we have designed numerous, very affordable programs to get you out there. Plans designed to best promote your music and career goals. 

Please know up front we are very fussy about the music we represent. It MUST BE COUNTRY !!  

The music be high quality in vocals, instrumentation, lyrics, and production. If we don’t believe it makes the grade to be successful we’ll tell you right up front...your time is valuable and so is ours. 
So, let’s talk…….no strings, just see if we can help each other. We are just plain country folk with a strong desire to produce and expose the best in Indie Country Music....."Country Music As It Was Meant To Be".

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Ken Mellons

Richard Lynch

Artie Rodriguez

"Country As It Was Meant To Be"


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Opening music credits......."Institute Of Honky Tonk" - Ken Mellons & George Jones